Hello there.

Where to start? I know... at the beginning! I was made in Dublin on the 2nd of April 1966 - the last of seven kids. Both my parents have passed away now, which is a crying shame because I would have loved them to have seen my work and met my beautiful children.

The family made their way from Ireland to England where I went to big school in Sussex. What can I say about school? Well it was a challenge - for me and the teachers! 

It is fair to say that I never looked like I would become a writer. For a start I failed English Language O' Level and I was never really interested in reading at school! Throw in an overwhelming urge to leave school when I was sixteen and you can see why I didn't fit the bill! In a way that is my motivation for writing - to entertain and excite everyone, not just the natural readers but the readers, like me when I was at school, struggling at the back of the class.

I was always told to write stories with a good beginning, middle, and end. Well I have tried to do that with every chapter of The Key to Chintak. From the feedback I have had so far it looks like I might be on the right track, but I have a long, long way to go yet, so I'm not kidding myself.


Most of my working life has been spent in IT, but I was always creative and always wanted to write. That day arrived in 2003 when I quit work (mostly!) in favour of staring blankly at a screen! Actually I completed The Key to Chintak quite quickly. A lot of my time - since I changed professions - has been spent opening rejection letters from Agents!

I will not bore you with the finer points of getting published, but let's just say you need a strong will and leather skin. I did hook up with a tiny publisher, but they had no real interest in pushing my book, so I bought myself out (for more than they paid me!) and decided to go it alone.

Seeing your first book off the press is something else. Actually the day after my first book appeared I went into a junior school and talked to two classes of thirty kids about it. I was only supposed to be in there for forty minutes, but ended up spending three hours with them! They absolutely loved it and it made the two years of rejection and struggle worthwhile. My school visits now total over a 100 and demand is strong, which is great.

The Key to Chintak has now sold well into 5 figures and broken some records in the UK for a self published children's book. The second book is underway, but progress is often slow due to the need to come back to the real world now and then and earn some money!


Last but not least. I married Julie in Florida - yes I love Disney, there is no denying it - in 1994 and we are the proud parents of two lovely daughters, Neve & Erin. Parenthood is great - More sleep would be nice, but can't complain.

PS - I can't stress enough how much word of mouth is going to play a role with my book. My marketing budget is an even zero so if you loved the book please tell everybody you know. In fact, stop people in the street and tell them too AND lobby your bookshop to stock it.


John Howard