The Key To Chintak - Beginning of Chapter One
The Invisible Truth


‘Hmm ... most peculiar, most peculiar indeed,' muttered Arthur to himself. His job as a museum curator often turned up puzzling artefacts. However, none had caught his imagination quite as much as the ancient black book that lay before him in his study.


‘That looks interesting,' said Mille, his inquisitive granddaughter who'd just appeared at his shoulder.


‘What does?' replied Arthur, examining a page and not looking up.


Millie leaned over his shoulder and tapped the page several times, ‘That does!'


Arthur slowly turned his head and peered at her forlornly over the top of his half-rimmed glasses.


‘Millie my love, this book is blank. That's why it's such a mystery,' he replied, his face caught somewhere between a frown and a smile.


‘Granddad, there are words on that page ... didn't you write them?' asked Millie, copying his frown.


Arthur stared back at her, unable to speak.