When is the next book out?

The last 10 years have been dedicated to doing other (paid!) work and raising my family, but now I'm back! I hope to have the follow up for The Key to Chintak finished this year and ready to publish in 2019. Actual publication date will depend on whether I publish it myself or another publisher signs up the series. Keep an eye on the News section of this website for further details.


By the way - I have signed up an excellent editor who is working with me on the series. 


You have a film clip section, what's that all about?

I was asked to do a Film Treatment for the book. I did. Then it all went quite. Where did everyone go? Such nice people...


Have you sold the book abroad?

Just to Mondadori in Italy. Rights have since reverted.


Can you help me with advice on writing?

Yes, time willing. Send me through your questions and I will try to address them as quickly as possible. Please no stories though as I just don't have the time!


Are you still doing everything yourself?

A lot of it yes - from writing to publishing and most in between. However, that might be about to change. I hope to be able to just concentrate on the writing (and promotion) in the not too distant future. Keep an eye on the News section of this website for further details.


How many copies of The Key to Chintak have you sold?

Well over 10000.  


Are you rich?



Do you have any other stories apart from the Zamorian Chronicles?

Yes, lots of ideas, but time has not been on my side. I am definitely going to finish the follow up to The Key to Chintak first.


Can you visit my school?

I stopped going into schools in 2007 - aside from the odd time for my kids. From then until 2018 I have run two IT firms and one property firm. I failed to get the government to extend the working day to 48 hours, so instead I have started passing on my workload to others, with the aim to write once again in the time that gets freed up. And once I get the writing and second book done, I plan to return to schools. I feel I'm waffling with this answer. I'll just stop now. No, really, I will. 


Who is your favourite author?

I don't have one in particular. I like most genres except adult horror!


Did you like reading at school?

Not really. I found it difficult to concentrate. But when I did I enjoyed it. I read more now though!


Can you tell me about your signed books?

Collectors - The ISBN No. changed from 1905200064 to 1905200137 due to the book being resized - because that's what my target audience wanted! The text remained the same, as did the cover design, but the pages increased from 197 to 329.


1905200064is no longer being printed. About 1000 in circulation. 100 dedicated to Martets Hospice.


1905200137 about 4000 in circulation, but will be replaced with the 'Second edition - first impression' version on March 30th 2006.


NOTE: The second edition cover was put on the first edition imprint of 1905200137 for a promotion at Borders, Brighton. 200 copies only - one off print.


NOTE: All books, prior to 'Second edition - first impression', were Print on Demand. 'Second edition - first impression' is being printed (6000 copies) litho.


There is also a small amount of proofs (of all versions) knocking around.


I hope that helps!!