The Key To Chintak - Synopsis


There can't be many twelve-year-old girls who can read from the blank pages of an ancient black book. A book that, since it was discovered buried by the sands of time in the Egyptian desert, has baffled archaeologists and scientists alike.


But then Millie is no ordinary twelve-year-old girl and what she unearths buried in the pages of the two-thousand-year-old book leads her and her grandad on an adventure of true self discovery and wonder. A journey like none other ever undertaken - where they encounter most powerful and deadly forces with nothing more than courage and cunning - that is until the book helps Millie in a way she could never have imagined.


Follow them on their quest as they battle their way around the globe in an attempt to solve the mysteries behind some of the ancient wonders of the world in search of their ultimate goal - The Key to Chintak.